Seattle Washington

It’s Friday and I’m on a weekend, cross country excursion. By Sunday I will have crossed the continental US twice. I am starting out by flying from Columbus Ohio to New York City.

In Columbus I enjoyed an overnight stay at Columbus Hilton at Easton. The hotel has friendly staff, a quick service restaurant offering pizza, sandwiches with vegan options plus a full service bar and restaurant. I was here for a convention so chose to fly out of Columbus since the airport is only a few miles away. I found the airport to be clean and enjoyed a pretzel stick snack at the bar. I was a little disappointed that there was not a Delta Sky Lounge but it is a fairly small airport. I made due. My fist flight between Columbus and NYC was short and easy, around 90 minutes gate to gate. I was in first class so I got to choose Sun Chips from a basket of goodies. Others were picking multiple items but I want my #2 bathroom visits to be minimal. The sky club in NYC had a 20 minute wait to get in but once in the club and food options were nice. In addition to pasta, salads, sandwiches they offered baked chick thighs. Not to mention free wine and well drinks. One of the best features of sky clubs are the large, private restrooms. Seriously, not having to hear the dude next to me is a nice feature. I’m not a restroom snob but I never worry about sky club pottie time. My first class seat to Portland was as comfy as any seat can be for a 5.5 hour flights. That’s a lie, Delta seats recline but aren’t soft or comfy. I ordered red wine and the vegetarian meal but received white wine and a cheese steak meal. Fortunately there were several items on the plate, so eating the sandwich was not required. One item looked like cream and fruit. Nope. No idea what it was but I’m here for the experience so I ate half just trying to figure out what it was. I typically only drink on flights so even though wine tastes like a freshly washed ass, I indulged.

Now to the good stuff, Settle is a wonderful city but I had just one full day to discover all I could. Of course I indulged in two tourist attractions, the Space Needle and the Great Wheel. Both were interesting and gave great views of the city. In indulged in the Great Wheel by purchasing a VIP Package and the glass bottom car. So for $57 I had a private car, glass of wine, T-shirt and photo package. Really not a bad deal.

The Space Needle offered glass floors in some areas, an open air section and of course alcohol to calm nerves. It was $36 bucks with tax with a reserved morning entrance time.