Paris is a great destination for Americans to visit because there is so much to see and do. Often flights are affordable and most locals will speak English to you as long as you greet them in French. Be rude or demanding and the French will return the favor in a language you don’t understand. 

Paris is another city where sticking to popular destinations is fine. You won’t run out of options and you will quickly learn to love the culture, people and food. 

Do yourself a favor and avoid the American fast food chains. They are everywhere but why? If you do go into a fast food joint you will quickly be surprised. They offer much more than stores in the US including fantastic desserts and healthy options. 

You will notice the food tastes different. It’s actually good and not made from eye balls and snouts like here. They don’t use all the chemicals and additives we’ve become use to. So if you go, only go once and search out all the local eateries Paris is famous for. 

You can save a lot of money by walking and taking photos of all the sights. Yes you can pay to go into museums but I would not spend more than a day in them. Walk, find local artists and meet people. Vacation should be about relaxing and exploring new things.