The story behind the sound.

It begins…

David grew up in a musical home. His parents are both talented musicians as are his siblings. As a pastors son he sang in choirs, groups and as a soloist in church. As a teenager he traveled with a couple of youth singing groups.

By the time he was an adult he was singing at church, leading choirs and serving as a worship leader. He was also working on writing songs, a passion he had since childhood.

His first published song is called “Don’t Cry for Me” written a day after a good friend died. Since then he has been writing pop, dance, EDM and songs of faith working with artist from all over the world.

His music can be found on most download and streaming sites and in many cases for free.

Soundcloud Plays

Artistic expression.

David enjoys many genras of music from classical to rock to EDM. When writing he loves dance beats but often produces a sweet ballad. He never wants to settle into a pattern of writing one style of music. Most inspiration comes from those around him even people on the street.

Listen anywhere

You can listen or download David’s music on hundreds of sits. In many cases the music can be downloaded at no cost.

Please enjoy and share David’s music

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David lives near Dayton Ohio with his partner of over 20 years and two of their four children. Life has been good for David and his family. Each child has talent and the family is loving and close. Music is just one piece of the puzzle and we hope you enjoy it.

David loves to hear from those who listen to him music. You can contact him on the home page. He loves family stories. Feel free to reach out.